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WSI News Index - Guy Bacci
Pitching Riches!
Spring training brings the Sox a bright young pitcher who can't help but miss the 25-man roster thanks to the off-season improvements to the Sox staff. WSI's Guy Bacci adds one more reason for totally biased Sox Fans to look forward to the new season!
Canseco, Sox and Shame
Jose Canseco's last stop in major league baseball was with the Sox in 2001 but the worst of the dirt he sheds in his new book lies elsewhere. WSI's Guy Bacci is relieved the Sox are (mostly) spared and wonders who has any credibility after the latest "he said, she said" counter charges.
"Point C" GM
A Sox GM once lost his job because chairman Jerry Reinsdorf said he wasn't the type to get the Sox to "point C," a baseball championship. It has been over 14 years and the Sox still haven't arrived at "point C" but what Sox Fan can doubt GM Kenny Williams isn't doing everything he can to finally reach that destination? WSI's Guy Bacci thinks the praise of Kenny is well deserved!
SoxFest Love Fest?
Entering the winter with more holes in the roster than Swiss cheese, the Sox gather with Sox Fans at SoxFest with many of those roster holes filled! WSI's Guy Bacci wonders if this SoxFest might be more of a love-in than the past few?
New Sox!
The Power Sox are dead! Long Live the New Sox! New but better, too? WSI's Guy Bacci sees a whole new team being built on the South Side. Will these splashy new acquisitions turn out better than many of the others Kenny Williams brought to the Sox?
Frank & Maggs... one last time.
The news swirls around Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez, the two key hitters in the White Sox line up these last six years! WSI's Guy Bacci takes one last look at these two great Sox hitters, together one last time.
Mouthy GM?
Winter is here and Sox Fans can only stand back and scratch their heads over the latest pontifications from GM Kenny Williams and his boss in the corner suite at 35th & Shields! Omar Vizquel slips through our fingers or is Kenny just blowing smoke? WSI's Guy Bacci is an enquiring Sox Fan and wants to know more!
Still Living in the Shadows
With Boston's Bambino curse allegedly a thing of the past, can Sox Fans expect a bit more pressure on Sox management to field a champion? WSI's Guy Bacci keeps hoping something positive will come of this but the shadows still linger just the same!
Too Bitter to Watch?
The 2004 playoffs have been quite extraordinary but the Sox aren't participating. WSI's Guy Bacci is an interested observer even if our GM isn't!
Sox Mess!
The on-field action is over and Sox Fans huddle around the hot stove to wait anxiously to find out what Kenny Williams has got cookin'! Will he instead simply set the whole house on fire? WSI's Guy Bacci isn't so sure!
Unholy Sox Roster Holes!
The Sox dug the last bit of their grave getting swept in Minnesota last week. All that is left now is to put a bullet through this brain-dead zombie of a team, but then what? WSI's Guy Bacci sees more holes than Swiss cheese on this Sox roster!
Dark Decade Coming for Sox?
Cold reality blankets the final few optimists left in Sox Fandom. Now WSI's Guy Bacci speculates upon what might happen next. Sox Fans, it's not a pretty sight!
Reacquire Roberto?
A team that screams for offensive punch reacquires Robbie Alomar instead? Is it stealth version of a White Flag trade or has Kenny Williams simply lost his mind? Enquiring Sox Fans like WSI's Guy Bacci want to know!
Losing Frank & Maggs
Magglio Ordonez joins Frank Thomas on the disabled list and WSI's Guy Bacci is seriously worried about whether the Sox can hold it together and win the Central Division championship.
Sox Soap Opera!
Over half the season has been played and the twists and turns in this season's soap opera have Sox Fans turned inside out. What happens next? WSI's Guy Bacci is one more Sox Fan very interested to find out!
Missing Reed & Olivo
The Sox execute a blockbuster trade to make a serious run at the playoffs in 2004, but the price is steep. WSI's Guy Bacci is one more Sox Fan trying to make sense of the new landscape in the wake of this major move!
Scuffling Sox June!
June was pegged as the most difficult month of the Sox season from the moment the 2004 schedule was announced. Now that it has proven to be every bit as difficult as Sox Fans feared, WSI's Guy Bacci looks forward to solving a few lingering problems and pressing on to a successful campaign!
Us vs. Them!
A new Sox TV commercial debuts and suddenly Sox Fans feel they have a kindred spirit inside the front office at 35th & Shields. WSI's Guy Bacci likes the new attitude!
Winning Cures All!
The local media's focus on the Lovable Losers has Sox Fans ready to hurl their lunch. Only one team in Chicago is in first-place and the other is flirting with last-place! WSI's Guy Bacci knows what ails our team's fortunes in the media and notes the conclusion we all wish for!
Ninth Inning Heroics!
It has been a long time since the Sox scored five runs in the bottom of the ninth inning to win a ballgame, but WSI's Guy Bacci has vivid memories of that occasion! Now the 2004 Sox have done it, too! Could this season be shaping up as something to remember, too?

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