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WSI News Index - Guy Bacci
Extra Headaches over Extra Innings!
Is Major League Baseball planning to make their Extra Innings package an exclusive programming choice for DirecTV subscribers? WSI's Guy Bacci lives out of state and says, "Say it ain't so!"
Creative Kenny?
Life is never very certain for Sox Fans and with the trade of Freddy Garcia another slice of that certainty has been tossed away. WSI's Guy Bacci admires the Sox GM's confidence in himself to get the job done, but does he have the chops to pull off another creative solution to the seemingly endless Sox problem of balancing both the budget and championship production?
Stagnant Sox?
It's been a quiet off-season. Perhaps even too quiet? No major roster additions have been announced so far, and WSI's Guy Bacci wonders how long might Sox Fans need to wait for big news to finally break out on the South Side?
Snoozer Post-Season
Well, wasn't that exciting? NOT! Since Detroit obviously didn't want it, why not let 83-win St. Louis masquerade as baseball's world champion team? WSI's Guy Bacci has nothing against Cinderella, but perhaps MLB has passed out a few too many glass slippers when pigs like this get to wear the crown.
Dimming Lights
The last bit of life now leaves the championship Sox baseball team. Oh, for all the what-ifs that never quite happened in 2006! WSI's Guy Bacci scratches his head like most other Sox Fans and wonders why it had to come to this? And like many other Sox Fans, he wonders what comes next!
Strange Sounds
The pennant stretch drive is filled with odd noises, many of them dropping straight out of the mouth of the Sox manager. Right now WSI's Guy Bacci is anxious like most other Sox Fans, but perhaps the anxiety is just a bit higher thanks to Ozzie?
Media Panic!
What sells newspapers, increases listening audiences, and more generally pays the salaries of media personalities searching for ANYTHING to justify the space and airtime their boss gives them? As WSI's Guy Bacci notes, it might never be too early for some Sox Fans to panic, but it's certainly never too early for some in the Chicago media to start bashing Sox Fans either.
Respect -- The Hard Way
While nervously watching the 2006 season unfold, Sox Fans have found something perhaps they never realized they were missing: respect for our Sox! WSI's Guy Bacci notes Chicago spends August talking more about curveballs than talking two-a-day scrimmages!
DVD Cure for Sox Woes
What comfort can a DVD bring for fretful Sox Fans worrying over their second-place team in July? WSI's Guy Bacci has found the cure! Nothing the 2006 Sox do can ever change the championship outcome of those great 2005 DVD's! And as for this October... it's still over two months away!
Sox All Stars... and Detroit
An all star game worthy of deciding home-field advantage for the World Series ought to be MLB's goal and perhaps the 2006 edition has come closest to becoming an enjoyable spectacle. As Guy Bacci notes, Sox Fans will get some insights into who might benefit from the A.L.'s home-field advantage as Detroit is this week's destination!
Ozzie: Colorful or Too Much?
What happens when a trolling windsock idiot manages to get a response? In Ozzie Guillen's case, a bit too much controversy! While ignoring this trolling windsock idiot is certainly the best (and smartest) policy, WSI's Guy Bacci reminds Sox Fans what the alternative might be if we ever got a milquetoast manager!
Up & Down with Brian Anderson
Has any rookie in baseball this season had a rockier start than Brian Anderson? The Sox are playing exceptionally well, but Anderson has struggled playing center field everyday for the defending world champions. Like many Sox Fans, WSI's Guy Bacci wonders if this a problem to be fixed or an opportunity to be capitalized on?
Soxual Prime-Time!
Can it get better than it is right now for the legions of Sox Fans lucky enough to enjoy what is undoubtedly the best times in franchise history? WSI's Guy Bacci notes how much sweeter it all seems to this South Side set of fans: their championship thirst fully quenched, their palate never spoiled in 88 years with ridiculous lies accepting losing as being good enough, nay even lovable! Could it get even better?
Angelic Night with the Sox!
The 2006 Sox are proving themselves to be a very entertaining act to follow! WSI's Guy Bacci found the recent Saturday night game especially interesting -- and another White Sox winner, too!
Update: Stark still wrong
If the definition of stupidity is repeating the same mistake over and over again, Jason Stark is definitely riding the short bus to ESPN studios! WSI's Guy Bacci is hardly surprised but still amused as this first-class clown makes himself look like a dope yet again talking about the Sox.
Fond Memories, New Challenges!
Sox Fans have fallen in love with their champions and the honeymoon has been a dream. WSI's Guy Bacci knows a whole new set of challenges await the team and its fans in 2006, and now the hard work begins!
Back Talk from Ex-Sox
Last month ex-Sox Frank Thomas couldn't keep his mouth shut, and Kenny Williams wigged out. Now Carl Everett is the latest ex-Sox to start chirping. WSI's Guy Bacci notes being a Sox has never been this popular before!
Crossfire! Kenny vs. Frank
Frank Thomas can't keep his mouth shut so naturally Sox GM Kenny Williams must answer in kind. Any Sox Fan who thought the circus had finally left town when these two parted company last winter has been proven wrong! WSI's Guy Bacci recounts the latest episode in this ongoing soap opera.
Ozzie: Honest or Immature?
The outspoken Sox manager has never minced his words on any subject. Now it's time to decide whether Ozzie's upfront attitude is a positive attribute or a negative one. WSI's Guy Bacci assesses the matter from several angles!
Slow news day in Chicago? What better time to take a swipe at the Sox! WSI's Guy Bacci can't help that the Bears, Bulls, and Blackhawks have all fallen flat on their face. Is it too much to ask for Chicago's sports media to find something better to do than bash the Sox and Sox Fans?

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