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Dedicated to... What winning the World Series means to Chicago White Sox fans.

by the Totally Biased Sox Fans  at WhiteSoxInteractive.com.  Forward by Billy Pierce.

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WSI was started in 1998 to finally give Sox Fans a place where the outside world could hear what we Sox Fans had to say!  After years of largely ignoring us, the world has finally beaten a path to our door -- anxious to hear what we have to say about the magnificent 2005 championship season by the Second Team in the nation's Second City. 

Look no further!

Here is the most complete historical record of what Sox Fans had to say about their team, their family, and their friends at a moment in their life many of them weren't sure they would ever live long enough to witness.

NOT written by sportswriters.
NOT written by media celebrities.

100 percent written by totally biased Sox Fans same as YOU!

Beginning with a simple message board thread, here's the most complete keepsake you'll find anywhere of what SOX FANS felt last October and November  -- the very moment the Chicago White Sox scratched their 88 year championship itch.

From the book by editor George Bova:

The voice that emerges in this book is the voice of Sox fans who understand what this Sox championship represents.  It might be the only place the outside world can hear so clearly what we feel at this very moment in time...

100 percent of the WSI's proceeds from this book's sale are being donated to Billy Pierce's Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities. 

Own this special keepsake of this championship season and know you're helping a worthy cause, too!

Only $14.95  Order it here!

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White Sox Interactive is comprised completely of volunteer workers.  All staff members are Sox Fans, same as you, sharing a passion for our team.  It is only through fund raising efforts that White Sox Interactive may continue to provide totally biased Sox coverage free for all Sox Fans.

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Thank You and "Go Sox!"

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