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Memories of Old Comiskey Park

The Parking Lot

There were countless ideas suggested for how to retain something of the historic site of Old Comiskey Park.  One of them was to rebuild McCuddy's, the tavern demolished to make room for New Comiskey.  McCuddy's was a historic place, too.  Babe Ruth once crossed 35th Street to tipped back a few between games of a doubleheader.

None of these nostaglic suggestions were implemented.  None unless you count the pathetic concrete tribute literally poured into a corner of The Old Comiskey Parking Lot.  The asphalt is the real tribute to the park -- created by people with no heart, no aesthetic sense, but most of all, no class.

No monument to the death of this historic building.  A simple footstone is all these thoughtless barons could spare.

You may now fulfill your dream of crossing homeplate at
Old Comiskey -- too bad your Buick can do it, too.

This tree is the only original thing left
from Old Comiskey's site.  It stood just outside the
park's right field corner gate -- shown too in this
Destruction photo.

Cars fill Old Comiskey's site on game day.
Sears Tower and the downtown skyline are
the only noteworthy structures.
The Destruction
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