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(September 26)  

Short take:  We Beat the Twins!!!

The White Sox won!  The White Sox won!  We beat the Twins!  We beat the Twins!  Woo Hoo!  We never doubted them, did we Sox Fans?  

Grind 'em up, rip 'em apart, beat 'em to a pulp!  The final was 6-3.  It might as well have been 20-3 for the euphoria Sox Fans feel!  Thank God Almighty!  We beat the Twins!

Feels good, doesn't it?

We turned the tables on the jerks.  Tom Kelly's boys got to Kip Wells early.  He was trailing 3-0 after four innings.  Were we Sox Fans showing a bit of flop sweat?  Umm... no comment.

But oh, the fifth inning.  That was something special.  Instead of Minnesota stalking us, we we're stalking the Twinkies for a change.  Ray Durham picked up the first of two keep hits, doubling home Chris Singleton and Josh Paul with two out.  Now who's sweating?

Then came the monster sixth.  Sox Fans, what do you call it when your team sends nine hitters to the plate in a single inning?  "Batting Around" is the correct answer, but we'll give you credit if you answered "A Miracle", too.  The Sox did both in the sixth frame tonight.

Admittedly, the Twinkies did help move things along committing two errors and letting Royce Clayton collect an rbi on an infield single only Mike Caruso could be proud of.  No matter.  It will look like a hot smash in the box score!  Chris Singleton delivered in the clutch, singling home two runs with two outs.  Ray Durham batted in one of his own to extend the lead to 6-3.  Sox Fans, it was a beautiful thing.

So how do the clods from Minnesota respond to this turn of events?  They lied down and played dead.  The Twinkies managed just two hits the last three innings and never made a serious run at the Sox.  Hey, they looked just like us!  That's pretty bad.

Four more games with these jerks.  It would be nice to get in their heads before the season ends.  A few extra bucks in the pocket for finishing second would be nice for the young guys on the team, too.  As for Sox Fans, finishing second, fewer games from first, with a better record, plus city bragging rights, over those third-place choke artists from the North Side will make for a very sweet winter indeed.  Some might even call it "delicious".

Sox Fans, we're hunting big game these last two weeks. 

Hey Sox Fans!

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Another WSI Exclusive! 

Sox Clubhouse "Pick to Click" Winner

Ray Durham

2 for 4 with three rbi's, all of them with two out.  Figured in the scoring in both the fifth and sixth innings.

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