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Swept out of NYC

(October 3)  

Short take:  Not in Kansas anymore.

Last year's A.L. Central Division champions seemingly have packed it in.  Has the entire team taken its cue from manager Jerry Manuel, who said he preferred not playing the six games missed last month?  He has since publicly reversed himself, but frankly what else could he possibly say?  "No, we're playing 'em under protest!"  Even Manuel has to make a nod towards reality once in awhile.

Whatever the reason, our Sox once again lose like punks to the New York Yankees, swept out of town three straight after another lethargic 2-1 loss.  Now they face a second place showdown inside that God-forsaken dome up in Minneapolis.

Hasn't this team done it the hard way the whole season?

Jon Garland looked great for precisely 5.1 innings.  He had allowed just two hits, striking out four and walking just one.  You could almost envision Manuel writing Garland's name into the starting rotation for the 2002 White Sox.  The young pitching phenom we got for slug Matt Karchner got the first out of the sixth inning--and then the roof caved in.  

A single to Derek Jeter followed by an off-speed pitch to Paul O'Neil deposited beyond the right field wall made Garland the instant loser.  

How could two mistakes be that crucial?  Easy.  None of the Sox hitters apparently got their wake up call this morning.  Jose Canseco managed a solo homerun for what proved to be the only run the Sox would score.  

Don't blame the table setter, Ray Durham.  He reached base in three of four trips to the plate.  He had exactly half of the Sox's six hits on the night.  Pathetic.

The momentum of this game changed in the top of the sixth.  Durham led off with a double and Jose Valentin walked.   Aaron Rowand's sacrifice put runners at second and third with one out.  The Sox got nothing from that rally as both Paul Konerko and Jose Canseco popped out.

Aw, crap.  If the Sox don't care about second place money, why should we?  If Manuel didn't want to play these three in New York, what are the chances he wants to play the next three inside the Hump Dome?

Exactly.  His players know it, too.

1967 -- The Improbable Nightmare!

"Crosstown Eclipse", the second installment of the three-part series about the 1967 Sox is here!  Written by Dan Helpingstine, author of "Through Hope and Despair", here's the first chapter to his new book.

1967 -- Part Two:  Crosstown Eclipse  

Another WSI Exclusive! 

Sox Clubhouse "Pick to Click" Winner

Ray Durham

3 for 4 is precisely what a leadoff man is supposed to do.  With the lame effort of his teammates, he didn't score even once.

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