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What a joke

(August 25)

Short take:  Manuel hasn't learned a thing.

The win streak is over and Sox are back to .500 after losing in a pathetic effort at Tampa Bay 8-4 to the Devil Rays.  Can manager Jerry Manuel honestly say he is surprised?  No Sox Fan who has watched the guys Manuel used in this game are surprised at all.

Again Manuel put Royce Clayton in the line up.  Never mind that Ray Durham was showing signs of coming out of his funk while teamed with Jose Valentin in the field and the top of the order.  Never mind that both Durham and Valentin had won consecutive ballgames while teamed together.  Never mind that Clayton went 1 for 4 with three strikeouts yesterday and looked bad doing it.  Unless there is a bone showing, Jerry Manuel intends TO PLAY Royce Clayton, the rest of the team and the line up be damned!  

Again Manuel put Josh Paul in the line up.  Obviously Mark Johnson can't catch everyday and Tampa Bay was starting a lefty.  But hasn't Paul proven over and over again he can't hit anybody?  More specifically, what is this guy even doing on the roster at this point?  Today's performance didn't disappoint, 0 for 3 with two strikeouts and a double-play groundout.  Unbelievable.

These are just two ballplayers that the rest of the Chicago White Sox team has been forced to carry on their backs all season long at Jerry Manuel's insistence.  It's nearly SEPTEMBER and the Sox manager has still not given up the ghost of hope that these two pathetic excuses for major league ballplayers have ANYTHING positive to contribute to the team's winning efforts.  It's insanity!

Dan Wright got the start because he only threw 21 pitches his last time out before getting so shellacked he was pulled.  He hardly pitched better this time, getting chased in the fifth inning with five earned runs charged.  Would-be starter Sean Lowe came in in long relief and was torched for three more runs.  Don't get too upset, Sox Fans.  At one point Manuel had Alan Embree warming up in the bullpen.  Now that would have been ugly!

Ray Durham, Carlos Lee (batting #2 again?), Herbert Perry, and Josh Paul were all hitless.  Durham was a giant 0 for 5 with a K.  Isn't it nice that playing alongside defensive specialist Royce Clayton has turned Ray into a better player in the field if not the plate this year?  Oh wait a minute, no it hasn't.

How much more screwed up is Jerry Manuel willing to make Ray Durham's mind playing Clayton opposite Durham in the field?  It's almost September and we Sox Fans still don't know the answer.  Durham is right back in the slump he was in before Manuel briefly kept Royce away from Durham.

Jose Canseco was one of two Sox players to show up for work.  He had three rbi's including one by showing patience enough to draw a walk with the bases loaded.  I wonder if batting coach Gary Ward was snickering in the dugout?  The Sox DH failed to slide to beat a throw home in the seventh inning, ending a rally.  The play was behind him coming down the third base line.  Was anybody at homeplate directing him?  

Paul Konerko continued to play well, 2 for 2 with two walks.  Clayton was 2 for 4 with a K.  Manuel will get Clayton back up to his .259 lifetime batting average even if it means killing the rest of us. 

It just might.

Hey Sox Fans!  

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Jose Canseco

2 for 4 with 3 rbi's, including one by drawing a walk with the bases loaded.  If only Carlos Lee could learn that trick! 

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